Residential Inspection

Our pricing for residential inspections is based primarily on the square footage of the home. Other factors that can influence pricing are the location (city) of the home, additional structures (i.e. detached garages, guest houses, barns, etc.), the age of the home, etc. Please contact us to receive a quote specific to your needs. Also, we feel that our fees will be competitive with any other local company. If you receive a lower quote from another local company, then just let us know. We will beat all competitor prices. The inspection fee will be agreed upon by all parties involved prior to every inspection. 

Commercial Building Inspection

There are a lot of variables in pricing for commercial building inspections. Those variables include: square footage, type of building, intent of your purchase of the building, if the building is occupied, time-frame to perform the task, etc. Please call for a quote specific to your needs. 

Radon Testing and Mitigation

  • Short-term & long-term testing WITH home inspection: $125.00
  • Short-term & long-term testing WITHOUT home inspection: $175.00
  • Additional charcoal canisters: $40.00


Please note that special rates may apply depending on your specific testing needs (i.e. if multiple tests are needed due to layout of the home, testing location, etc.). Please call our office with any questions.


Mold Testing

Swab Sampling

  • With home inspection: $100.00
  • Without home inspection: $125.00

ERMI Sampling

  • With home inspection: $300.00
  • Without home inspection: $395.00

Air Sampling

  • With home inspection: $250.00
  • Without home inspection: $300.00


Please note that these prices are subject to change depending on specific testing procedures. Please call our office for further information regarding mold testing. 


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