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Report Design

We take great pride in our reports. Most inspection services use a generic report that was created by a person or company that is not in our region, therefore, the reports are not specific to our regions homes, climate, and design. We have spent a great amount of time designing a report that coincides with the homes in this region of the country, and we feel that we have created the best report available for this area. Our reports are 100% electronic sent via email. The report includes photographs and detailed descriptions of all items of concerns in the home as well as it's components and systems. 

Report Availability

Our reports are typically emailed the following morning after the inspection. The report is made available to the paying client only; however, if desired it can also be forwarded to other parties as well (i.e. realtors, contractors, etc.). If a report is needed the day of the inspection, then just let us know and we can make it happen!

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