Residential Inspections

One of the most important aspects of buying a home is the inspection process. Your home is (in most cases) the largest investment you will ever make. The home inspection is your way of ensuring that you know the condition of the home you are purchasing (your investment). 


By definition, a home inspection is essentially a "snapshot" of a home's condition at the time of the inspection. The condition of the home is conveyed in a comprehensive written report. 


An inspection consists of a non-invasive physical examination of a home's systems, structures and components intended to identify material defects that exist at the time of the inspection. A typical inspection includes (but is not limited to): exterior and grounds inspectionelectrical systemplumbing systemroof and attic systemthe foundationHVAC systeminterior componentsappliances, and any other system present at the home (i.e. sprinkler system, exterior buildings, barns, etc.). All of these areas will be fully inspected, photographed, and documented in the inspection report. 


The Exterior

The exterior inspection involves many important components of the home; siding, windows, doors, trim, other wall penetrations, decks, patios, exterior stairs and railings, and many other components. A full visual examination of the exterior will be completed typically during the beginning of the inspection. Photographs will be taken of all exterior components and areas of concern will be documented and listed in the inspection report (with a detailed description of the defect and photos). The materials used on the exterior of the home will also be described (i.e. what type of siding is installed, type of windows, deck components, etc.). 


Common issues discovered: wood rot, damaged/defective siding material, damaged/missing window screens, unsafe deck conditions, stair and stair railing defects, poor/weak caulk application, etc. 


Grading conditions around the perimeter of the home can have many effects on the foundation of the home. Many water entry conditions can be directly related to poor grading or negative ground slope near the foundation walls. We will inspect the ground conditions around the home for adequate drainage, proper ground slope away from the home, for proper clearance of tree limbs away from the sides of the home, etc. In addition, sprinkler systems are operated and inspected as part of a standard home inspection (no added fee). All concerns will be photographed and noted in the report. 


Common issues discovered: negative ground slope towards the home (resulting in water entry into the foundation), tree limbs touching the home and/or roof, sprinkler heads spraying sides of home, etc. 

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