Heating and Cooling System

The heating and cooling system is an intricate part of the home and must be properly inspected so that you are not faced with unexpected repairs as soon as you take ownership of your home. These systems can be complex, therefore, you must have a qualified inspector to properly inspect the unit. Ken (the owner of Inspector Cluseau) is a mechanical engineer and has a background in mechanical design and installation. All of our inspectors have benefited from this knowledge and are well versed in HVAC system operation and design. The units will be fully inspected for visible defects. Both the heating and cooling modes will be operated during the inspection (if exterior temperatures allow such). All defects or concers will be noted in the inspection report, along with the capacity and age of each unit. 


Common issues discovered: disconnected air ducts, poorly insulated refrigerant piping, cooling systems not working, cracked heat exchangers, clogged condensate drain piping, etc.



Fireplaces are great! But can also be dangerous if not installed or maintained properly. Metal fireplaces require proper clearance from combustible materials. Brick fireplaces require some maintenance to ensure the mortar and brick are in good condition. These are problems that may seem small but can result in major damage. Our inspection of the fireplace includes a visible examination of the firebox, the flue (the portion of the flue that is visible), operation of the gas log system (if one is present), etc. Visible concerns are photographed and noted in the inspection report.


Common issues discovered: gas log system not operating, chimney flue needs to be cleaned/swept, improper masonry lining in the flue, improper clearance of firebox and/or flue, etc.


The chimney inspection is important for two reasons. First, the flue must maintain proper clearance from the roof surface, it must be properly covered to prevent rain and rodents from entering, it must structurally be in good condition, etc. Second, the chimney typically passes through the roof, therefor the cap, siding, and flashing must be properly installed to prevent water entry into the attic. All visible concerns will be photographed and documented in the inspection report. 


Common issues discovered: no rain cap or screen installed on chimney flue, siding loose or broken, metal cap rusted, leaks found beneath the chimney in the attic, etc.

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