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The interior of the home is typically considered the "glamour" section. This is the area that everybody sees, and in result, everybody wants to "dress it up". Paint, hardwood and tile flooring, lighting, counter tops, window dressings... we all want it to look good, and that is great! But as an inspector, that's not what we are there to do. Our objective inside of the home is to tell you about the functionality, safety, and other important aspects that you should know about. Is your stair railing safe? Do your windows and doors operate properly? Are there defects with the installation of the tile floor? Those are the things we are looking for. We will operate all of your (accessible) windows and doors, we will inspect the ceilings and walls for leaks, check your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, inspect your floors for major defects, etc. If the home is occupied, we will document all areas that were not clearly accessible so that you will be protected if an issue should reveal itself after the furniture is moved. All areas will be photographed and areas of concern will be listed in the inspection report.


Common issues discovered: faulty window and door operation, faulty thermal seals in windows, improperly installed tile flooring, unsafe stair railings, heavily soiled carpets, damaged hardwood floors, ceiling stains due to leaks, etc. 

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