The Plumbing System

The plumbing system is another integral part of the home inspection. Whether you have an older home with older water pipes, or a new home with the latest and greatest materials; if the plumbing system is not properly inspected, then big problems can arise. A broken or improperly installed water line in the upper level of a home can cost thousands of dollars to repair, but if properly inspected, these repairs can be avoided. During our inspections we operate the plumbing system to re-create "live-in" conditions. Multiple tubs, showers, sinks, and appliances are operated simultaneously to check for proper water pressure/flow. All fixtures are operated and thoroughly inspected for leaks or concerns. Shower stalls are thoroughly inspected for defects to ensure that water is not leaking into the walls and floors. The type/s of piping present are listed in the inspection report, along with the condition of the visible piping. The water heater is fully examined and the age, capacity, and life expectancy of the unit is listed in the inspection report. 


Common issues discovered: leaking waste piping in crawlspaces, improper connection between copper and galvanized piping, leaking water heater valves, Polybutylene piping, galvanized water piping past common life expectancy, etc.

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