The Roof

With the recent hail storms that came through our area in April of 2011, there have been thousands of new roof installations in our area. But just because a new roof has been installed, that doesn't mean it was done correctly. In fact, we have discovered more improper shingle and flashing installations in the past year than ever before. Improperly installed shingles can not only slide/blow off easily, they may also void the shingle manufacturer's warranty. And improperly installed flashings can lead to major leaks and damage on the inside of the home. During our inspections, we will walk on all roofs that can be safely accessed. Roofs that are too steep or determined to be unsafe will be viewed from a ladder and with high power binoculars. The approximate age of the shingles will be determine and listed in the report, as well as the approximate remaining life of the shingles. Photographs will be taken of all areas of the roof and areas of concern will be documented in the inspection report with photographs and a full detailed description. 


Common issues discovered: improperly installed flashings, worn/damaged shingles, torn rubber flashings around plumbing vent pipes, loose ridge vent caps, nails backing through shingles surfaces, hail damage, etc.

The Attic

The attic space is an area that is often hot, uncomfortable, and not very easy to get into; but, this is an area that (if inspected properly) can reveal a number of important concerns that will effect your home and your wallet. In most cases, if your roof has a leak then it will first be seen in your attic. Leaks that are caught in the early stages can be assessed and properly repaired to prevent major damage inside of the home. During the inspection process, the attic space will be fully accessed and inspected. Special caution will be taken to view the underside of the roof where roof penetrations are located (i.e. plumbing vent pipes, chimneys, etc.) to inspect for signs of leaks. The attic insulation will also be inspected, photographed, and documented in the inspection report. The insulation rating (R-value) will be determined and listed in the report as well. The attic space will be checked for proper ventilation to ensure proper attic temperatures (which directly effects shingle life). Photographs will be taken of all areas of the attic and all concerns will be documented and listed in the inspection report. 


Common issues discovered: water stains/leaks to the framing, rodent entry, improper ventilation, low/weak insulation rating, broken/damaged roof framing, improperly ventilated bathroom exhaust vent fans, etc.

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