Ancillary Services

One of the most important aspects of buying a home is the inspection process. Your home is (in most cases) the largest investment you will ever make. The home inspection is your way of ensuring that you know the condition of the home you are purchasing (your investment).

By definition, a home inspection is essentially a “snapshot” of a home’s condition at the time of the inspection. The condition of the home is conveyed in a comprehensive written report.

An inspection consists of a non-invasive physical examination of a home’s systems, structures and components intended to identify material defects that exist at the time of the inspection. A typical inspection includes (but is not limited to): exterior and grounds inspection, electrical system, plumbing system, roof and attic system, the foundation, HVAC system, interior components, appliances, and any other system present at the home (i.e. sprinkler system, exterior buildings, barns, etc.). All of these areas will be fully inspected, photographed, and documented in the inspection report.